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Helping Ourselves Through Mentoring


THE BGCA: Lunch Buddy Mentoring, how is this helpful?


The mission of the Boys & Girls Club happens to be, "To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens." It is integral that we all tap into our greatest potential.  I am not only speaking of children but those who have attained adulthood.  I believe that potential is revealed through mentoring  It is our duty to help Alpena's youth to be independent & leading younger citizens within their communities.  Hence, the importance of engaging Lunch Buddy Volunteers. 


It is so unimaginable how a child's everyday landscape changes with a Lunch Buddy Mentor.  It has been proven that school-based mentoring is a positive experience for everyone involved.  The Buddy is literally helping themself to be a stronger, more sympathetic, and yes, a crusader for school-aged children. A child’s self-esteem is fragile.  This may increase tremendously when an adult friend genuinely cares.  In addition, school-based mentoring has even proven to improve a child’s attitude toward school, improve their grades, and improve their relationship with peers and families! Benefits for the volunteer include a chance to reconnect with youth, make a good life even better, and to have a sense of “giving something back.”  Often, you will get more out of the relationship than the child.


How Does it Work?
Initially, applications for both the “Big” and “Little ”have to be filled out and completed. Next, a meeting is arranged with the Mentoring Coordinator.  It is important we can get to know you.  Making a compatible match that is right for the friendship to begin. Each match is based on the needs of the child. Also, the interests of the Big and Little are taken into consideration too.  Your friendship is supported by the Boys & Girls Club Staff.  We are there every step of the way to answer questions, provide  assistance, and keep the Buddy informed on the latest BGCA news.  Lunching with our Little Buddy once a week is a positive commitment that helps ourselves grow as mentors.

Friends come in all sizes. Make a call to the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena, & Ask about the Club BIGS Lunch Buddies ProgramToday!

"Growing Community Partnership as Mentors"
Are you an adult looking to form a warm and inviting friendship with a Boys & Girls Club Little. Why not call, and discover how to volunteer and become a "Community Mentor?" Boys and Girls Club Community Mentors will meet with their Little a few times a month in the local community. By spending quality time together, the Mentor and Little will be able to enrich their lives through community interaction!

For more information on the CLUB BIGS Programs, please contact the Boys & Girls Club of Alpena's Mentoring Coordinator. The Boys & Girls Club of Alpena is located at 601 River Street, Alpena, Michigan 49707. Please call us at (989) 356-0214, or email your inquiries:


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