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January 2016
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January 2016


Eli K, nine year old son of Ambre and Patrick, is Boys & Girls Club of Alpenaís January Youth of the Month.

 Eli is always enthusiastic about trying new programs and games at the club. While doing programs at the Club Eli is well-mannered, listens, and encourages his peers to do the same. Eliís favorite summer program is wacky weather, which teaches the members about the different types of weather patterns, clouds, and natural disasters.

Kruczynski also enjoys Healthy Habits, which focuses on teaching the members healthy eating patterns, keeping hydrated, and exercising. One of the reasons he likes this program so much is due to his for healthy food, especially his favorite food broccoli. The staff can always count on Eli to ask for a second helping of broccoli. Pictured above is Eli helping prepare fruit kabobs with staff member, Brooke Mainville.

At the Club Eli forms a small group with his friends to battle and check out each otherís Pokťmon cards. If a new player joins the game Eli is quick to explain and help that youth. Itís fun to see the children engage in an activity that staff members remember playing in their youth.

Kruczynskiís favorite part of the Club is the fitness activities they hold. The Triple Play Challenge activities range from kickball and football to obstacle courses and mileage club. The best part about having Eli in these activities is that he shows great sportsmanship in all the Triple Play Challenges. 

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